PartsWorld is New Zealand's largest Auto Parts chain.

At PartsWorld, our business is to supply quality recycled car parts at an affordable price.
PartsWorld is also committed to providing the high level of service you deserve. We consider this our responsibility.

With recent figures showing that approximately 20 million cars per year are trashed worldwide, the importance of recycling becomes obvious. Because of this, the trend worldwide is to produce cars with easily removable and recyclable parts. This trend is already enforced in many countries. Most late model cars are designed to be recycled. One of the great advantages to car owners and car repairers is the ease of sourcing and replacing damaged parts. The fastest and easiest way for you to achieve this is to call PartsWorld.

Consider this, in most cases you will be replacing a part on a car which is itself not brand new. So why fit it with brand new parts at extra expense. The replacement part you buy at PartsWorld will probably be a similar age to your vehicle. You can also take comfort in the knowledge that the part you buy has been thoroughly checked by trained professionals. PartsWorld stand behind the products they sell, giving you the full support of the country's largest Auto Parts recycler. The size of the PartsWorld organisation means that you can contact any PartsWorld store with your requirements. If they do not have the part you require on hand, they can usually source it from another branch and have it freighted

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